Green Rubber Tokens

Green Rubber has tokenised 100% of the equity in our company, with equity represented by the GRNRBR Security Token.

Unlike a cryptocurrency, security tokens are fully backed by assets. In the case of GRNRBR, this is equity in the Group’s holding company, Green Rubber Global Limited, domiciled in the fully regulated Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC).

As a standards compliant security token issued on the Ethereum blockchain, GRNRBR allows full compliance with securities laws in all relevant jurisdictions, whilst providing the benefits of transparency, decentralisation and immutability.




Tokens liquid and fully tradable (after required holding period), and can be bought and sold in a compliant manner directly or via digital securities exchanges for 24/7 tradability.

Tokens backed by equity held by a licenced, Labuan based investment bank as custodian, with all beneficial rights passed to token holders.  Tokens are fully compliant with securities laws and regulators globally.

Tokens provide a flexible, cost-effective and efficient way to acquire equity in a scaleable, green technology business.

GRNRBR tokens are tradable either peer-to-peer, or in due course, on regulated digital security exchanges when listed.

Holders of the GRNRBR token are granted full dividend, voting, and other rights according to their holdings. We have built safety into our tokens, and can reissue them when necessary, so holders never have to worry about losing their investment.

Please contact [email protected] for more information about the token.