Why Now?

Green Rubber is coming to market at the right time, and in the right place - Planet Earth. Take a look at the market forces that are driving Green Rubber's entry:-

  1. Virgin rubber prices are at an all time high and set to go even higher as the economies of China and India continue to grow strongly. The price of synthetic rubber is linked to the price of oil, which is currently hovering above $70 a barrel.
  2. Rising rubber prices means Green Rubber's technologies are not only an environmental boon to the industry, but also a compelling cost proposition.
  3. Industry estimates indicate that worldwide demand of rubber will exceed supply by 2020.
  4. There has been very little growth in the production of several synthetic rubbers which will cause shortages in the supply of polymers such as polysioprene and butyl rubber.
  5. Regulatory pressure is forcing the rubber industry to reduce waste and develop a sustainable vision for the future. In 2006 the European Union prohibited tyres from being dumped in landfills, so other solutions for waste tyre disposal must be found.The WEEE product take back legislation in the EU, puts pressure on manufacturers to create pathways where their products can be taken back and recycled. By introducing a reusable recycled-rubber compound that only uses established chemicals into the rubber production chain, Green Rubber provides an effective material for the growing number of producers and retailers falling under this increasing public policy pressure.
  6. In the US, environmental campaigners recently won a court decision that is set to stop the burning of tyres for fuel in power plants and cement kilns - a ruling that increases the requirement for the tyre industry to come up with alternative ways of recycling their products.
  7. In the US Congress, a new bi-partisan bill, entitled the Tire Investment, Recovery and Extension Act promises to provide tax breaks for vehicle fleet owners who buy tyres which contain recycled rubber.
  8. The public has accepted that climate change and global warming are real threats, thus demanding environmental solutions such as Green Rubber. The rubber industry has come to realise that using recycled materials is a sales and branding tool.
  9. Green Rubber's scientists have refined the company's technologies over the last decade to make them an even more compelling proposition for the rubber industry.
  10. The Green Rubber process reduces the pressure to clear land for more rubber plantations by providing another sustainable source of rubber compound.