The Inventors

Tan Sri Dr. B.C. Sekhar


Born in Selangor, Malaysia, in 1929, the late Dr. Sekhar is affectionately acknowledged as the father of the modern Malaysian rubber industry. Dr. Sekhar held numerous senior positions in the rubber industry, including his service as the former Chairman of Malaysian Rubber Research Development Board, Rubber Research Institute Malaysia (RRIM), International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRBD), Founder Chairman of the Palm Oil Research and Development Board and Senior Fellow of the Malaysian Academy of Science.

On the international front, Dr. Sekhar, in his capacity as chairman of the International Rubber Research and Development Board, was instrumental in converting the organization into a dynamic institution. The membership increased threefold under his leadership. The IRRDB successfully implemented the expedition into Brazil for collection of new germplasm. The organization also established an international R&D program, three parts of which were financed through UNIDO Member institutes. Dr. Sekhar traveled widely and attended numerous conferences in all parts of the world. His able and effective advocacy of the strength and stability of natural rubber carved a 'niche' for him in the international elastomer industry.

Dr. Sekhar was also the man responsible for the invention of DeLink and Deprotin, two ground-breaking technologies in the elastomer industry which have been significant milestones in eliminating environmental hazards.

An astounding achiever, Dr. Sekhar received nine major awards, 25 patents, 2 honorary doctorates and published 137 research papers. His name is associated with the Standard Malaysian Rubber Scheme, which he initiated in 1964 and is today used worldwide among producers of Natural Rubber and consumers.

Dr. Sekhar died in 2006.

Career and Appointments
Rubber Research Institute Malaysia 1949 – 1974
Head of Chemistry - Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) 1964 – 1966
Director - Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) 1966 – 1974
Chairman - Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia (RRIM) 1974 – 1984
Chairman - Malaysian Rubber Producers Research Association (MRPRA), United Kingdom 1974 – 1984
Chairman - Malaysian Rubber Research Development Board 1974 – 1984
Chairman - International Rubber Research and Development Board (IRRBD) 1974 – 1984
Founder Chairman - Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia (PORIM) 1978 – 1987
Founder & Board Director - Malaysian Rubber Development Corporation (MARDEC) From inception to 1988
Chairman, Malaysian Carbon Sdn Bhd 1979 – 1988
Chairman, PLAAT Group 1978 – 1988
Chairman IT International - Tire Manufacturing Group 1981 – 1983
Secretary General - International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), London 1988 – 1994
Executive Chairman - STI Global Consult Sdn Bhd & STI-K Polymers Sdn Bhd 1994 – 1998
Advisor to Green Rubber Global and Chairman of the B.C Sekhar Research Centre (a part of the Green Rubber Group) 2000 – 2006

Dr. Vitaly Kormer


Dr. Vitaly Kormer is the counterpart in Russia of the late Tan Sri Dr. B.C. Sekhar, an expert in synthetic rubber who invented DeLink, a mechanochemical process to de-vulcanize scrap rubber. This process was patented and developed into commercial scale processes at commercially competitive prices delivering industrial relevant solutions in Green Rubber™.