Green Rubber Solution

There are number of models for which Green Rubber is the perfect solution for rubber product manufacturers.

Zero-waste factories

Rubber manufacturers typically throw off waste of 5 to 15 percent - it's a cost of doing business. These manufacturers now have another, more profitable option. They can recover this waste and crumb it into granules of rubber. They can then mix two parts of DeLink to 100 parts of the crumbed rubber. As a result, they create a de-vulcanized rubber compound, which can be reintroduced into the manufacturing process. The company ends up with two benefits. It is waste free and the waste cost is eliminated. Plus, the new compound, created from the waste, costs far less than purchasing virgin rubber compound on the open market. Numerous companies in Malaysia, Thailand and China are successfully using this process today.

100% Green Rubber compound

This approach can be very successful for rubber products that have flexibility when it comes to the characterization of the final product. In this case, the rubber product manufacturer would purchase the Green Rubber compound from one of our planned Green Rubber manufacturing facilities. The cost, compared with virgin rubber compound, will be a significant reduction. These companies would also have the option of entering into a licensing agreement whereby they can use the Green Rubber name and logo. There will be quality standards and marketing support, and the payment of royalties to Green Rubber.

Green Rubber blended compound

Companies can use a blend of Green Rubber with other natural and/or synthetic rubber compounds, and other additives to customize the compound for more precise characterizations. In this case, our Technical Support and Service staff would work closely with the rubber product manufacturer to customize the compound for the exact specifications. Again, there will be opportunities for licensing the Green Rubber name, subject to quality standards and fee arrangements.